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Install Kindle for PC

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Kindle for PC installation instructions

A few people have asked how they can read my book on their computer if they don’t have a Kindle or Nook, so here’s how to do it. Read more

A Novel Murder

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Novel Murder by Jim Liston

A Novel Murder

“I’m going to murder her today,” I heard him say, “She’s been tied up in the basement for three days; it’s time to end it.” 

I couldn’t believe that someone was talking on the phone so casually about murder.  Read more

The Altered Clown

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The Altered Clown

Black Eyed Jack image for the Altered Clown on Jimsgotweb
   Tony has been raised by a couple of clowns. Literally.  His mom and dad are clowns in the Crowley Brothers circus.  Everyone has always assumed that Tony would grow up to be a clown, but he has different plans. Read more

Short Story Collection

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Jim’s Short Stories 

I’m working on a collection of short stories that I plan to publish this spring.  It will be available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.  Here is a list of the short stories that I’ve included so far, in no certain order. Read more

The Human Hunter

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Human Hunter on Jimsgotweb

The creature hid in the bushes, waiting for the next human to pass, so that he could continue his killing spree.  He only came to this planet for the sport of hunting; no other place in the universe had such plentiful prey.  Read more

Jims Got Web on the Third Sunday Blog Carnival

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Feb. 17
Jimsgotweb on the Third Sunday Blog CarnivalAdriene has posted the February edition of the Third Sunday Blog Carnival and has included my story “The Tourist Attraction.”  Stop by and take a look, there are some great stories there, including a couple by my friends, Scott Livingston, and Rooster Smith, from the #WriterNation.

The Vampire Requiem

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The Vampire Requiem by Charmain Mitchell

Vampire Requeim

Click the image to purchase this book at Amazon

When 252 year old Edward Manning falls in love with Maria, a beautiful young lady, he decides that he can’t live without her, and plans to tell her that he’s a vampire.  Read more

Diane’s Dream

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Diane’s Dream

Diane's dream

When Diane walked into the room, she immediately knew that the man who was going to kill her was there.  Diane has known about her death for six weeks; she has seen it happen, repeatedly, in her dreams.  Read more

Remember Me

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“People will remember me,” Jerry said as he gathered the things he needed and put them in the trunk of his car.  “When I become famous, people will talk about me and remember what I did today.”  He was a model son, student, and neighbor, and always did everything that others expected of him.  No one could have seen this coming. Read more

The Tourists Attraction

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“Get the hell out of here, you damn tourists, and leave me alone.”

I’m sick of it.  Every day there’s a group of  tourists, standing by my fence watching us, pointing, and whispering.  I don’t know what started it, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ put up with it much longer.  We’ve become some kind of tourists attraction or somethin’.  They park the bus over at the Walmarts and then walk to my house to stare at us. Read more