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I’m working on a collection of short stories that I plan to publish this spring.  It will be available on and  Here is a list of the short stories that I’ve included so far, in no certain order.

  • Five Great Men
    • The five great men met in the basement of an old church.  The leader of the group was a banker whose great, great, grandfather had been a pirate that had ruthlessly killed many men.
  • Overactive Imagination
    • Raoul didn’t understand how they could they think that he would have killed his wife.  After telling them everything that happened, how could they arrest him for her murder?
  • The Phone Call
    • Greg and his wife Louise were having breakfast in their small suburban ranch home just outside of Chicago, as they have for the past twenty-five years, when they received the phone call that would change their lives.
  • Tag, You’re It!
    • Walking in the yard behind my house, I saw something glowing; it was green and about the size of a baseball.  It looked as if it were made of glass, and when I tried to touch it, it wasn’t there.
  • A Drastic Change
    • Giving the rope one final pull, she breaks free.  Exhausted, she makes her way to the beach she thinks about the day’s events, and how their outcome had almost been her death.
  • An Epic Moment
    • The collective mind of the universe held its breath, eagerly waiting.  The unique evolution of the creature had finally reached the critical moment where all of the instincts of its species would become part of its consciousness.
  • Second Chance
    • It’s not often in life that we’re given a second chance, so Sam was surprised when he got a call from an ex-girlfriend that had dumped him about a year ago.  Sandy had been the first real love of his life.  (This is a re-write of a story that I’ve published here.)
  • Brenda’s Promise
    • She plunged the knife through the skin.  Feeling the resistance as it hit bone, she grabbed it with both hands, and pushed harder.  The sound of the bone cracking and the smell of blood nauseated her, but she couldn’t stop now.
  • The Tourists Attraction
    • I’m sick of it.  Every day there’s a group of  tourists, standing by my fence watching us, pointing, and whispering.  I don’t know what started it, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ put up with it much longer.
      (Another re-write.)
  • The Last Vampire
    • Climbing out of her coffin, Eleanor sighed and looked around the small room she lived in.  Saying that she’s tired of living, doesn’t really explain how someone that’s over three hundred years old feels.
  • The Line
    • Billy tried to see the end of the line but it was useless, it seemed to go on forever.  Everyone had to make their own choice; you didn’t have to wait in line if you didn’t want to. (This is a re-write for those that weren’t satisfied with the ending, or lack of an ending.)
  • The Traveling Circus
    • Tony has been raised by a couple of clowns. Literally.  His mom and dad are clowns in the Crowley Brothers circus.  His dad, Mojo, and his mom, Trina, have been with the circus for twenty years.

I hope to have about 24 short stories in the book.  I’ll keep you informed of my progress.


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I write short stories, love to travel, install auto glass, and collect Beatles memorabilia.

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