Install Kindle for PC

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Kindle for PC installation instructions

A few people have asked how they can read my book on their computer if they don’t have a Kindle or Nook, so here’s how to do it. Read more

Time Killer

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Time Killer by Todd Thiede on Amazon

Time Killer by Todd Thiede

After reading the first few pages of “Time Killer,” it was difficult to keep reading. The dialogue seems unnatural  and the writing comes across as forced. I liked the concept of a serial killer getting even with people for wasting his time, so I stayed with it, and I’m glad I did. Read more

White Swans Blog Tour

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Today I’d like you to meet Annamaria Bazzi.  She’s written a new story called:

White Swans

Left an orphan, Kendíka cries herself to sleep and startles awake in a Regency castle. Terror consumes her, and she attempts to escape only to discover the new world is her prison. Having no choice, she attends a ball given by her guardian, Lord Deverow, to introduce her into society. He admonishes her to follow the rules and promises to protect her from the wrath of the strange, hazy set of eyes spying on everything. But when she ignores his warning, Kendíka learns firsthand what it means to be disobedient.
Read more

Book Review of “Over The Rim” by Ripley Patton

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Book review of Over the Rim by Ripley Patton
    Over the Rim by Ripley Patton is a YA Fantasy Novella first published in 2009 in Andromedia Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue #42.  Nominated and short-listed for the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novelette/Novella 2010.  Read more

The Doctor’s Flea Circus

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The Doctor's Flea Circus

“Mrs. Gaylon, I’m afraid that I have some bad news for you.”

Doesn’t he know that there’s a fly on his glasses?  It’s just sitting there, even when he moves his head around. Read more

Using Magazines and Trailers to Boost Book Sales

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Prize winning books and best sellers would catapult an author’s name to fame. Awards have a big reader drawing factor as the book is expected to be a good read. The same thing is true with best sellers. Readers have the tendency to pick books branded as best sellers as there is a certain surety that the book would have a superior literary quality. Readers have the common notion that money will not be wasted if best sellers are chosen. Not all authors are fortunate to bag awards. Not many authors can have best sellers. Read more

A Novel Murder

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Novel Murder by Jim Liston

A Novel Murder

“I’m going to murder her today,” I heard him say, “She’s been tied up in the basement for three days; it’s time to end it.” 

I couldn’t believe that someone was talking on the phone so casually about murder.  Read more

The Altered Clown

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The Altered Clown

Black Eyed Jack image for the Altered Clown on Jimsgotweb
   Tony has been raised by a couple of clowns. Literally.  His mom and dad are clowns in the Crowley Brothers circus.  Everyone has always assumed that Tony would grow up to be a clown, but he has different plans. Read more

Short Story Collection

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Jim’s Short Stories 

I’m working on a collection of short stories that I plan to publish this spring.  It will be available on and  Here is a list of the short stories that I’ve included so far, in no certain order. Read more

The Human Hunter

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Human Hunter on Jimsgotweb

The creature hid in the bushes, waiting for the next human to pass, so that he could continue his killing spree.  He only came to this planet for the sport of hunting; no other place in the universe had such plentiful prey.  Read more