Here are some tips for Indie authors to help you market and promote your book.

kindle_Promotion_post_thmbFinding Competitive Keywords

The next thing we’ll work on is your keywords. These are search terms your potential buyers use when looking for a book. Amazon keeps its actual algorithm secret but it says that your book’s title and description is already used as search terms so you shouldn’t repeat them. 
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library_promotion_post_thmbChoosing Categories on Amazon

Categories on Amazon are confusing, to say the least. But understanding them and placing your book in the correct one, is essential. The key is to find a category that’s suitable for your book, but not very competitive. If you use Amazon’s Browse/Categories function, you’ll be able to see how many books are in a category.
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books_promotion_post_thmbWriting Powerful Book Descriptions

Amazon says, “Your book descriptions are what customers see as they shop the Kindle store. Think of it like the inside flap of a hardcover book. The book descriptions are a reader’s first experience with the content of your book. A well-written description assures readers that the book itself is of similar quality.”
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choral_promotion_post_thmbAmazon Help: Author Page

Are you letting Amazon help you sell more of your books? The Author Page is a great way for your readers to find out more about you, including pictures, bibliography, videos, book signings, and more. To get started, first log into your account on Author Central and go to your “Profile” page. Here you’ll have access to your biography, blog feed, upcoming events, your photos, video book trailers, and the feed from your Twitter account.
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social_Promotion_thmbPromotion Sites

The following is a listing of a few websites that will list your free or discounted eBook. If you’re using Select, coordinate with your free days, giving them at least a week in advance notice. If you’re not on Select, you’ll have to wait until your book is free. Most of these offer their services free, some for a small charge.
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Visible_promotion_thmbSales Ranking Chart

Here’s an interesting chart I ran across in David Gaughran’s book, “Let’s Get Visible.” If you haven’t read his book, I highly recommend it.  The chart serves as a guideline for estimating how many sales are required for an eBook to make it on the Best Seller List in the Amazon US store.
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Empire Avenue logoUsing Empire Avenue to Promote Products

Empire Avenue is a newcomer to the internet and gaining popularity fast. After joining EA, a value is placed on your personal stock, determined in part by your engagement on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As people are constantly trying to make more of the virtual currency (Eaves) you will start having people invest in you as soon as you join. Members gain dividend earnings based on the purchased stock’s value. Read More …

How To Promote Your eBook on Twitter

I know you’ve seen the tweets, people shouting at you to “READ MY BOOK!” it’s “ON SALE NOW!” I have to admit I’m guilty of it myself, until I found there’s a better way to promote your eBook. If you can get someone’s attention with an interesting blurb from your book, they might want to take a look to see what it’s about. I suggest looking through your story and picking out a dozen or so quotes  and turn them into a “Tweet.”
Here are step-by-step instructions to tailor make your tweets.
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Using Pinterest to Promote Your eBook

Pinterest is an online pinboard. Its difference from other social bookmarking sites is that the content shared is images. In fact, the only way to share something on Pinterest is through images. You share or bookmark an image on Pinterest and each bookmark is called a pin. Sharing someone else’s pin on Pinterest, it’s called a repin. Pins are grouped by topic onto boards or pinboards. Here’s how to market on Pinterest.
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