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Keywords Research

Keywords are the search terms your potential buyers use when looking for a book. Amazon keeps its actual algorithm secret but it says that your book’s title and description is already used as search terms so you shouldn’t repeat them. If you’re still writing your book and haven’t determined a title yet, you might consider doing some keyword research first and adding the result in your title.

You’re allowed to use seven keywords or keyword strings for your book. To determine what buyers are searching for, you can use Amazon’s database, and Google’s Keyword Planner.

When you find the correct set of keywords and keyword phrases for your book you’ll increase its visibility and that means an increase in sales.

I’ll need a copy of your book to read, .mobi for the Kindle is great, but a Word document or a PDF is fine too.

Email with a link to your Amazon product page and I’ll take a look and let you know what the cost will be. The average cost is around $20.

Here is a list of promotion services we offer:

  • Keyword Research