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kindle_Promotion_post_thmbMost authors say writing a book description is harder than writing the book. The problem is that you are too close to the story and need someone with an impartial eye to read it. I’ve been helping indie authors and have developed a formula to write powerful descriptions.

When writing your book descriptions, start with the strap-line or the hook for the story. Imagine you’re talking to someone who asks you, “So, what’s your book about?” Give them the important information. Tell them how the book will make them feel instead of telling them what it’s about. Make it exciting.

Don’t say, “It’s about a guy living on the streets of downtown Denver in the middle of the winter.” Instead say, “You’re homeless, in the middle of a bone-chilling winter. Hungry and broke, not knowing where your next meal is coming from.”

Get to the real meat of the story, right away. Don’t be afraid to be original, your book description may be your only chance to get someone interested in your story. There are literally thousands they can choose from. Let them know why they should spend the time and money on yours.

Next, write your opening paragraph. You have the reader’s interest, now don’t lose them. Give them the main elements of the story. Describe the conflict, the obstacles he has to overcome.

“The country is thrown into a devastating depression. Randall, an unemployed executive, is fighting for his life, trying to claw his way back into a society that has shunned him. Forced to steal to survive, he becomes part of the vicious underbelly taking over the country.”

Now we end it by leaving them with something exciting. Make them wonder what will happen next. “What will Randall do when suddenly faced with a life-or-death situation? Will he be willing, or able, to kill others to survive?” 

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