Second Chance 5

If you didn’t read the first installment of Second Chance you might want to start there.


I can’t believe that Sam is finally onboard to kill “the wife.”  I guess that getting shocked with the stun gun really did the trick!  She sure made things easier for me.  I was afraid that I was gonna have to tell him the truth about Walter.  Walter didn’t dump me ‘cause his wife found out about us, she’s too dumb to find her way out of a roomful of doors!  He didn’t dump me at all, I told him to leave his wife or I’d stop seeing him.  He’s been crying about how she’d take all his money if he left her.  I told him he should have her killed; it wouldn’t be hard for him. 

Yeah, I know Walter’s a mobster.  It don’t bother me none.  Hell, I was attracted to him ‘cause of it.  Leading an ordinary life is something that I’ve always been bored to death by, I’m sure Sam’s told you that.  Walter has a problem with someone in his gang killing his wife, something about “honor among thieves.”  So I decided to contact Sam and convince him to kill her.  I knew he’d think he had a second chance to get back together with me and would do whatever I told him to do; Second chance, more like fat chance!  Nothing against Sam, he’s a great guy, it’s just that he doesn’t have any money, never has, never will.  

I’ve always been able to get Sam to do whatever I wanted.  Did he tell you about how we met on the railroad trestle?  I took control and used him to entertain me for a while, but then I was bored and moved on, Sam’s been on a downward spiral ever since.  I kinda feel bad about lyin’ to Sam ‘cause I have no intentions of giving him a second chance.  Once he’s gotten rid of “the wife” I’ll just tell him to move on, like I’ve done before.  It’s for his own good really, I’m nothing but trouble, always have been, always will.

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