Second Chance 6

If you didn’t read the first installment of Second Chance you might want to start there.


I’m going to kill that bitch for shooting me with that stun-gun!  It’s personal now.  I didn’t have any reason to do anything to her before; I didn’t want Sandy and Walter to have a second chance to get back together.  Now, I don’t even care, I’ve thought of nothing else but ways to put ‘that bitch’ through hell!

I know someone that has a place outside of town that he only uses when he goes hunting.  I could tell him that I need a place to stay for a few days while I look for a new apartment, but how do I get her there without getting stunned again?  I’ll have to get Sandy involved; if ‘the wife’ sees me, then she’ll know I’m up to something.

The next day, when “the wife” takes her dog for a walk, Sandy is waiting for her at the park.  I’m in a van about 10 feet away with a hypodermic needle filled with enough tranquilizer to knock out a horse for 4 hours.  The plan is for Sandy to start up a conversation with her, and lure her to the van to get a camera to take a picture of her beautiful dog.  Then I’ll jump out with the hypo, inject her, then throw her in the van and we’re out of there!  It sounds simple enough, right?  What could go wrong?    

When Sandy gets her to the van, I jump out to jab her with the hypo and the next thing I remember is the familiar feeling of a million volts of electricity!  Where does she keep that damn thing!?!  Looking around the van, I see another body lying next to me and a beautiful dog staring into my eyes.  “Finally comin’ around, dumb shit?”  Sandy was driving the van and didn’t sound too happy.  “What the hell happened?”  I said.  “Well, do you want me to start, before or after I had to haul your two sorry asses into the van by myself?”  “Everything went to shit as soon as you jumped out of the van,” she said.  “The wife pulled her stun gun out of her ass or something and zapped you, again.  While she was laughing at you rolling around on the ground,  I grabbed the hypo you dropped and jabbed her with it.”  “So, where is this damn cabin?”

Second Chance 7

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