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Remember Me

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“People will remember me,” Jerry said as he gathered the things he needed and put them in the trunk of his car.  “When I become famous, people will talk about me and remember what I did today.”  He was a model son, student, and neighbor, and always did everything that others expected of him.  No one could have seen this coming. Read more

The Tourists Attraction

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“Get the hell out of here, you damn tourists, and leave me alone.”

I’m sick of it.  Every day there’s a group of  tourists, standing by my fence watching us, pointing, and whispering.  I don’t know what started it, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ put up with it much longer.  We’ve become some kind of tourists attraction or somethin’.  They park the bus over at the Walmarts and then walk to my house to stare at us. Read more

Her Next Victim

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Without a sound, Francis crept into the dark room, listening to the quiet breathing of her next victim.  Read more

The Line

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Billy tried to see the end of the line but it was useless, it seemed to go on forever.  He’s been standing here for almost an hour and the line has barely moved.  Read more


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Gary always wondered how long it would take before someone noticed that he couldn’t remember what happened from one day to the next.  He worked hard at hiding it, and most of his tricks for coping worked well. Read more

The Show

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The Show

The Show illustration by Regina Jobe

“Hurry up Rita, or we’ll miss the show.”  Sammy was so excited this morning that he’d woken up at sunrise and was in his sister’s room trying to get her up.  They had a long walk into town and he wanted to get an early start. Read more

Zek the Vrek

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Zek the Vrek

  The Strantlonian Vrek sipped his tall, chilled Nepune Rapure, looked around the room at his small gathering of friends, and wondered if this is how it was on other planets.  They were helping Zek celebrate his seven hundredth and ninety second Read more

Before They Come Back

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Before They Come Back

  “Excuse me sir.”  Here it comes, I hate it when people ask me for money.  I pay my taxes so that there are places they can go when they need help.  I’ll just keep walking; ignore him, shake my head, and say “sorry.” Read more

Traveling Faster-Than-Light

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Stardate 67216.2

Traveling faster than the speed of light always gives me a headache.  Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think that traveling 300,000,000 meters per second is necessary.  I like to daydream about the ‘good old days,’ a time when everyone wasn’t in such a hurry.  My grandpa told me a story about traveling to the moon.  The first time his Dad went, the trip took over 8 hours!  Can you imagine?  People would actually go there to spend the weekend, and it would take them over half a day, traveling there and back!  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go to the moon, but if they did, now it would take them less than a second, traveling FTL, faster-than-light.

I guess that since this is my first entry into this journal, I should introduce myself, just in case anyone ever reads it.  Call me Ishmael.  No, I’m just kidding, that’s a line from a book that my Mom gave me to read.  Should I explain what a ’book’ is – there aren’t many left, and there might not be any left by the time anyone reads this.  No, I’m getting off-track, my name is Dhartile, everyone calls me Dart.  My parents are traveling agents for Global Traveling Unlimited; they monitor the quality of their vacation packages.  We are currently traveling through the 32nd quadrant of the nebulous Harticle, and will be stopping soon to visit a hotel that has been getting a lot of complaints lately.  It was my Dad’s idea to start this journal while we’re traveling; he says that I spend too much time on the Hologram-Sims, creating virtual universes.  He’s probably right, but it’s hard to walk away from all of those lives that I’ve created.  I have an alien race called Borg; they spend their time traveling the universe, taking other species by force.  If you’re a media historian like me, you’ll recognize the Borg from an old TV show called ‘Star Trek’.  Should I explain what ‘TV’ is; never mind, I just heard the neutrino generator turn off, so we’ll be stopping soon.  I’ll write more later.

Stardate 67217.4

I’m getting ready for bed and thought I’d write about today’s events.  Mom and Dad let me roam around the area for a while as they talked to the hotel manager; you’ll never guess what I saw – a Bluetonic-Satatorian!  I didn’t know they still existed!  Let me tell you how it happened. 

It was early afternoon when we landed.  In case you’re not a Star Trek fanatic like me, Stardate 67216.2 corresponds to noon on October 1, 2063, Earth time.  Anyway, as I walked towards the storage facility, where the traveling ships dock to unload their cargo, I noticed a lot of activity.  There was a group of kids harassing the Satatorian, you know, calling him names while he gathered the Jardons that attach themselves to the hulls of the ships.  I walked up to him and said, “There you are!  I’ve been looking all over for you.  C’mon, we have to get back, Mom is worried about you.”  I almost laughed out loud when I saw the look of surprise on his bright blue face.  Satatorians weren’t exactly known as being very smart; probably why they were almost extinct. 

He followed me, and when we got out of earshot of the kids, I said to him, “Does that happen to you very often?” 

With a piercingly high voice he replied, “If you mean do people walk up to me and tell me that Mom is worried, no, that does not happen very often.  But, if you are referring to the children that were attempting to hamper my work, yes, that happens all of the time.” 

I know quite a bit about Bluetonic-Satatorians from reading their history.  For instance, they were known as ‘scrapers’ from their obsessive fondness for consuming Jardons, which they scraped off the hulls of ships, using their sharp-edged hands. 

“I must get back to work now,” he shrieked. 

“Why don’t you come with me,” I said, “I want to know more about you.  Where do you live?  Are there more Satatorians on this planet?  How do you…”  But he was already headed back to the docking area to resume his scraping.  “Hey,” I yelled, “what’s your name?” 

He turned his head towards me, and I think there was a grin on his face as he said, “Call me Ishmael.”  I don’t know how long I stood there with my mouth hanging open, but I eventually closed it, and decided that it would be best if I let him go for now.  I knew that if went back tomorrow he’d be there.

67218.4  (Oct.2, 2063, 7:00)

Great news!  Mom and Dad told me at breakfast that we’re done traveling for a while, and that we’ll probably be staying here longer than they originally thought.  It sounds like they’ll be running the hotel while they find a new manager.  I wasn’t really listening after they said that, I was thinking about spending more time with Ishmael.  Is that really his name?  Are there more of them?  How old is he?  I have a million questions to ask him, I’ll be back tonight to let you know what I find out.


I didn’t find Ishmael.  When I went back to the storage unloading area he wasn’t there, so I asked a few of the workers about him, and they all looked at me like I was crazy!  Everyone said they didn’t know anything about a Bluetonic-Satatorian, had never seen one – ever!  I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m determined to find out!  It just doesn’t make sense!

67225.6 (Oct.4)

I’ve spent that last couple of days walking around town trying to find out what happened to Ishmael.  I was about to give up and head back home, when I spotted one of the kids that was teasing him earlier.  He didn’t want to talk to me and actually started running away when I called to him.  I run track at school and didn’t have any trouble keeping up with him.  When he finally got tired of running, I asked him why they were teasing the Satatorian.  He had a scared look on his face and kept glancing around, like he was afraid that someone was listening.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about! “  he said, and started running again.  I let him think that I wasn’t going to chase him, but I followed him to see where he went.  I’m going back there tomorrow to try to talk to him again.

To be continued:



The Robot

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The Robot

  The Nelteo 43 robot had begun to display signs of malfunctioning, so Henry decided to return it, before it quit working completely. Read more