Second Chance 8

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Where in the hell is Faina, she should be back from her walk by now!  Tatyana didn’t like to spend much time walking the dog; she didn’t like being out of the house at all.  She was still pissed about the guy that attacked her in the park.  I don’t think she was really attacked—who would be interested in her?  I think someone tried to talk to her and since she couldn’t understand much English, she thought he was up to something.  I’ve tried to make Tatyana understand that things are different here.  In the old country, if someone saw a girl walking alone they would probably kidnap her to get money from her family, or just use her for a while and then kill her.  But no one would want Tatyana, she was so homely!

I have a lot to do and I don’t have time to go out looking for her.  She’s probably still in the park, waiting for someone to jump her so she can shock them; that was starting to become a hobby with her.  I’m glad I didn’t let her have a real gun, she’d be in jail by now, just like what happened in Russia.  Luckily, the man she killed there didn’t have any relatives to bring charges against her, so it was just a matter of paying off a few politicians to get Tatyana released and then sneak her out of the country.  I’ll just get one of my men to drive around the neighborhood to find her.  “Dimitri! Get your ass away from the TV and go out and find Tatyana.  She’s probably in the park, looking for muggers!”  I think Dimitri and Tatyana have something going on between them, but he doesn’t want me to know about it.  Probably thinks I’d be mad or something.  Hell, I’d be glad to send her off with him, she’s getting to be more trouble than she’s worth.

Maybe bringing her to the U.S. was a mistake.  I thought that having a woman in the house would be a good idea.  Some of the girls I been seeing are getting too serious, so I told them I was married and that my wife found out about us, just to get rid of them.  It didn’t always work, like with that bitch Sandy, boy what a mistake that was!  I just about shit when she said that I should have my wife killed!  What a basket case!  I’m glad to be rid of her, even though she was amazing in bed.  I hope I never see her again. I don’t need the drama, there’s plenty of that in my life already.

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