Second Chance 9

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Second Chance 9

It didn’t long for Sam and Sandy to figure out they had really “screwed the pooch,” on this one.  This wasn’t Walter’s wife, she kept saying, “no wife,” over and over.  Sam didn’t know if she was trying to tell them that she wasn’t Walter’s wife or that Walter didn’t have a wife, either way, it didn’t look good.  Sam was starting to realize that he couldn’t kill this woman, no matter how much she deserved it.  But, what was he going to do with her?  He thought about just letting her go, but how much had she understood. Would she be able to tell Walter who they were?  How was he going to get out of this mess?  “You’re going to have to kill her, Sam,” Sandy said when he told her he didn’t know what they were going to do.  “I don’t know what you’re thinking, there isn’t any other choice.  You did bring a gun, right?”  “No,” he said, “I guess I didn’t really think this through.”  “Geez!” said Sandy, “I figured you’d blow it, so I brought a gun just in case.” 

Dimitri was beginning to think that something must have happened to Tatyana.  He had driven around the whole neighborhood three times, looking for her.  He was starting to get upset at the thought of someone kidnapping the woman of his dreams.  Sure, Tatyana wasn’t much to look at, and she had a hell of a temper, he had the bruises to prove it.  But he wasn’t exactly a Russian heartthrob either, and although he would never hit Tatyana, he had killed men before just for looking at him the wrong way, so he didn’t mind her temper.  He knew that she liked to sit in the park and give the joggers dirty looks as they ran by, hoping that someone would stop and say something to her and give her a reason to stun them, so he walked by the benches to have a look around.  He really got worried when he found her little electric gun lying near the street, she loved that gun!  Something really bad must have happened for her to leave it behind.  He grabbed it and headed back to the house to give Walter the news, man was he going to be pissed!

Just as Sandy was pulling the pistol from her purse and handing it to Sam, Faina, tired of being tied up for so long, finally chewed through the rope and ran across the room, barking frantically.  As the dog leapt through the window, Sandy panicked and shot, missing the dog by a mile and hitting Tatyana instead.

Second Chance 10

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