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Manuscript Editing Services

If you’ve tried editing your own writing, I’m sure you’ve found it’s very difficult. You end up reading what you meant to write instead of what you’ve written. You need to have someone look at your work before publishing it or you run the risk of having a reviewer “slam” you on Amazon. I’m a published author and have done professional editing. I can give you references if you require them.

I will proofread your document and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. I will also find awkward sentence structure and suggest corrections. Using the “Track Changes” feature in Word, I will send you the completed document with all changes made and the document for you to “accept” or “decline” each change.

If you would like an example of my editing, send me the first 500 words of your document and I’ll edit them for no charge.

If you decide not to use my editing services, please be sure to have someone look at your work before you publish it. Your story could be great, but it’s not going to do very well if it contains multiple spelling and grammar errors.

I’ll need a Word copy of your book to read, a PDF is fine too.

The average editing costs are $3.00 per page, about 250 words. Email jim@jimsgotweb.com for more information.

Here is a list of promotion services we offer:

  • Manuscript Editing