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If you need more book reviews, I can help!

The number of book reviews that your book has can have a direct effect on the success of your book promotion. Some promotion sites require that you have a minimum of 10 reviews. Instead of spending your time, looking for reviewers and asking for reviews, you could be writing your next book!

I have a list of reviewers that I can submit your book to and request them to leave their book reviews on Amazon.  If you have a .mobi copy of your book, that’s great, I’ll send that to them. You can also “gift” them a copy or I can make a Kindle review copy from your Word document.

So, if you’re planning a Kindle Free Days or Countdown promotion, be sure your book has plenty of reviews first. If you already have reviews and want help with your promotion, visit my Promotion Help page.

Leave a comment on the website, or email with a link to your Amazon product page and I’ll take a look.  The cost is $10 for a single review and $15 per review to submit your book to get multiple reviews.

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