Second Chance 4

If you didn’t read the first installment of Second Chance you might want to start there.

How do you kill a mobster’s wife?  Or, as in my case, why would you kill a mobster’s wife?  I didn’t want to give Walter a second chance with Sandy, that was my plan.  I decided that all I needed to do was to convince Sandy that I had a plan and was attempting to kill “the wife,” as she was referred to by Sandy.  So, how do you pretend to attempt to kill a mobster’s wife? 

As luck would have it, the answer came while standing in front of the mobster’s home; his wife came out walking their dog.  At least I assumed it was his wife, and I assumed that it was a dog.  She was very stunning, with her long hair and shapely legs, and she seemed to be gliding along, without even touching the ground.  The dog, I mean, the woman was another story completely.  She was very ugly, had short hair, and seemed to be dragging herself along instead of walking.  The dog was an amazing creature! It seemed to command the space around it, never turning her head to look around, yet knowing that everybody was watching her and that everything revolved around her.

I decided to follow them, just to get an idea of where she was going and how long she could keep moving without falling down.  After following her for a few minutes it became obvious to me that this was someone who would be thankful to be put out of her misery!  When I got close enough to hear, I noticed that she was talking to herself, complaining about something.  “You can’t be serious!  How long do you think that I’ll put up with this shit?”  On the other hand, she might have been talking to the dog.

When they stopped at a bench in the park to sit down, I decided to approach her and maybe even start-up a little conversation with her.  What a mistake that turned out to be! “Hi,” I said, “what kind of dog is that?”  The look that she gave me sent chills down my spine!  It was obvious that she wasn’t going to answer me, so I tried another approach.  “Do you think that it’s going to rain?”  This is something that you can ask a total stranger and expect to get some type of answer, right?  Wrong!  What I got in return was something that I was later able to determine was about 1 million volts from a stun gun!

While I was recovering from my encounter with Walter’s wife later that evening at Sandy’s apartment, she asked me, “Well, have you figured out how you’re going to kill ‘the wife’?”  “Oh yeah,” I said, “I’ve come up with about a million different ways to kill the bitch!  The hard part will be deciding which of the ways  would be the most painful!”

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