Pete Best Fired

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August 16th

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It was 50 years ago today, well actually yesterday, but that’s a whole different song right?  Anyway on August 16th, 1962, Pete Best was fired from the band that he had played with for over 2 years and eventually became one of the most successful and critically renowned bands in history…  [Read more]


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Liverpool, how could I not go there while visiting Europe recently?  I took a train to Liverpool for the weekend and got to visit some great Beatles sites.

This is the entry to the Outside of the Cavern PubCavern Pub in Liverpool, which is the sister to the Cavern Club on the other side of the street. The Cavern Pub was opened in 1994. The walls of the Pub feature brass plaques with dates, which are the dates that each particular artist performed at the Cavern Club.

Here is a shot of Mathew Street in Liverpool. You can see the Mathew Street in Liverpoollocation of the Cavern Club and the Cavern Pub. When the Beatles weren’t playing the Cavern Club they would go down the street to The Grapes to have a drink since alcohol wasn’t served at the Cavern. They would also head around the block during breaks to the White Star to hear other bands playing.


This is the stage in the Cavern club. Bands that have played there have written their names on the wall, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes, Jerry and the Pacemakers, Ian and the Zodiacs, and countless others. In 1961 the Beatles first performance at the Cavern Club featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, and Pete Best on drums.


We spent some time in the Cavern Club and heard a great Beatles duo, “The Two Of Us,” here is a video I put on YouTube. At the far end of the club is the Cavern Live Lounge where tributes to the Beatles and many other legendary rock artists like the Who, and the Dire Straits perform.



The Beatles Shop on Mathew Street. There’s a plethora of Beatles stuff available ranging from t-shirts, maps, posters and postcards through to watches, toys, mugs and jewellery plus much more besides.



Albert DoShip at Albert Dockck is the home of Tate Liverpool, the award-winning Beatles Story, Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. At the time of its construction the Albert Dock was considered a revolutionary docking system because ships were loaded and unloaded directly from/to the warehouses.