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Byteful Travel Blog Carnival #18 – 2013 May

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First off I’d like to thank Andrew at Byteful Travel for allowing me to host this edition of the carnival. I’ve been a big fan and have participated in a few of them. If you’re new to blog carnivals, they’re a smart way to discover new writers that you wouldn’t normally come across.

If one of your articles is in this month’s edition, be sure to share it with your social media. Tweeting, Stumbling, or Liking this will help spread the word and multiplies the reach of this blog carnival, which in turn helps more people discover your article and site.

The Best of BTBC #18

 I’ll carry on the tradition and highlight three articles that stand out from the crowd. Here are my favorite articles from this edition:

1.  Dog Sledding in Banff National Park, Canada by Jennifer Miner is a wonderful adventure that will make you feel as if you’re there. “With the sunlight bouncing right into your eyes off the expanse of snowy ground, it’s more vividly white than any other place you’ve seen.”

2.  Cycling Taiwan’s East Coast: On the Road Again by Casey Siemasko is a 131 mile adventure from Hualien to Taitung on the east coast of Taiwan. This is a fun article with some stunning photographs, I’m sure you’ll love it!

3. Stormbringer by Dean Mauridis. Dean worked as a ranch hand on an isolated ranch up on the high plains of the eastern Rockies. When the foreman burst in and hollered “Boys, you’d better saddle up, there’s a shitload of snow out there and still fallin’…more snow than ever seen in your lives and then some…it’s gonna be a big one…”, it was the beginning of an amazing storm!

Travel Destinations

Trinidad presents:
Socialites Abroad: Bali – The Budget SocialiteThe Budget Socialite posted at, saying,


“One upon a time I went to Bali, Indonesia. It was without a doubt, one of the best trips of my life. There’s something amazing about traveling and getting to experience other cultures.”

Kevin Giffin presents:
The Best Places for Young Families to Vacation posted at, saying,


“When the frantic pace and endless demands of daily life become too much to handle, a vacation can seem like the only solution. These are ten of the best vacation destinations in the United States for young families.”

Sheila A. Scarborough presents:
Travel Post Friday: Jasper, Alberta when you are not a snow bunny posted at, saying,


“When I headed north to visit Edmonton and Jasper in Alberta, Canada in the middle of February, several people asked me what in the world I was going to do.”

Jeremy Zongker presents:
5 National Parks to Visit this Spring posted at, saying,


“The United States is actually full of natural beauty. Every state has relatively untouched gems in the form of national parks.”

Travelling Mudskippers presents:
Ethical Travel – A Day at Elephant Nature Park posted at, saying,


“The whole experience at Elephant Nature Park was so emotionally and spiritually powerful that we’ve struggled to put it into words.”

Pa Ul presents:
Pa Ul: travels posted at, saying,

quote“Bangus Festival is one of the many festivals in Northern Luzon at Pangasinan particularly Dagupan City.”

Manda presents:
Around the World: Hong Kong SAR posted at

quote “There’s so much Hong Kong has to offer and this travel guide shows it. Longtime readers of this blog know my love for Hong Kong knows no bounds.”

Mihnea presents: 
The Old Market at Ang Sila in Chonburi, Thailand posted at Voicu Mihnea Simandan.

quote “Like most villages at the Gulf of Thailand, Ang Sila is a fisherman’s village that has long been overshadowed as a tourist attraction due mainly to its vicinity to Bang Saen beach and, to be fair, its very few attractions.”

Rational Matthew presents:
The Secret Stasi Prison in the Former East Berlin | Confiscated Toothpaste posted at Confiscated Toothpaste.

quote “This is not the most uplifting way to spend Easter Sunday, I think as I ride on the tram from Alexanderplatz to Lichtenberg.  But, there’s a part of me that wants to face these monuments, that wants everyone to face these monuments to our troubled past so that we can be appalled and educated and work together to stop these things happening again.”

Travel Photography

Christian Schoen presents:
Palenque – Chiapas – Mexico – Temples of the World posted at

quote “Palenque is located in the lowlands of Chiapas, not far from the river Rio Usumacinta and close to the border to Guatemala. It was build in a landscape full of hills.”

Rachael Emilijean presents: 
The Nation’s Capital With Extra Napkins posted at

quote “My favorite part of the nation’s capital is that each stop on the red line provides plenty of options depending on your culinary desires.”

Jenny presents:
Hungry Cyclists In Guanajuato posted at

quote “We hit the road. Just as we left San Miguel, we were confronted by a steady headwind which persisted for the duration of our 55km ride.”

Sheila A. Scarborough presents:
Rock on with your bad self, Oklahoma City posted at

quote “You can see the grain elevator from the highway, and if you’re not up to speed about what’s really going on in there, it would be easy to drive on by and miss one of the more intriguing places in downtown Oklahoma City.”

Annie Cosby presents:
When Girls Rule: The Grand Béguinage of Leuven | A Twenty-Something Abroad posted at

quote “My second time in Belgium was this past fall, when I went with my friend Rebecca (Ballyhaunis, Ire.) to visit mutual pal Andrew (Athlone, Ire.) who was studying at the university in Leuven.”

Travel Tips

Tim Hall presents:
10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Managing Your Vacation Itinerary posted at

quote   “With these ten travel, budget and itinerary apps at your disposal, you can concentrate on enjoying your vacation without having to stress over remembering every little detail of your itinerary.”

lozula presents:
Not getting scammed in Thailand posted at

quote “Before I came out to Thailand I did a bunch of research into the country, both online and offline. Mostly about places to go and things to see, but also about the various dangers and annoyances to keep an eye out for.”

Denise Thompson presents:
30 Blogs with the Best Spring Break Vacation Ideas for Teens posted at

quote “Deciding where to go for spring break is not the only decision you need to make. First, you have to make sure that you are prepared.”

Zhu presents:
Paris doesn’t have to be expensive —Tips from a Former French | Correr Es Mi Destino posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

quote “It’s no secret that Paris is a pretty expen­sive city, for both trav­el­ers and res­i­dents.”

Dan Robinson presents:
10 Things to Do When You’re Stuck in the Airport Overnight posted at Aupair Jobs.

quote “Few things are as frustrating for travelers as the idea of an overnight layover in an airport, but there are a few ways that you can make the experience a more enjoyable one.”


Hi. Let me ask you a question. You got BC?

If you write well (and have written something travel-related), and you haven’t submitted to the BTBC before, can I ask you a question? What are you waiting for? Blog Carnivals are free and powerful way to get more exposure to your work. By doing so, you reach multitudes, many of which have never even seen your site before, so it’s a real win-win-win situation.

So if you’re a writer, and you’ve written something that relates to travel, submit a piece you’re proud of to the next BTBC by going to the submission form. Just remember to read the simple ground rules.


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