Byteful Travel Blog Carnival #20

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Byteful Travel Blog Carnival #20 – 2013 September

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Hello and welcome to the Byteful Travel Blog Carnival. I’d like to thank Andrew at Byteful Travel for allowing me to host another edition of the carnival. I’ve been a big fan and have always enjoyed participating in them. If you’re new to blog carnivals, they’re a smart way to discover new writers that you wouldn’t normally come across.

If one of your articles is in this month’s edition, be sure to share it with your social media. Tweeting, Stumbling, or Liking this will help spread the word and multiplies the reach of this blog carnival, which in turn helps more people discover your article and site.

So, let’s get started, here’s the 20th edition of the carnival!

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Byteful Travel blog Carnival #18

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Byteful Travel Blog Carnival #18 – 2013 May

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First off I’d like to thank Andrew at Byteful Travel for allowing me to host this edition of the carnival. I’ve been a big fan and have participated in a few of them. If you’re new to blog carnivals, they’re a smart way to discover new writers that you wouldn’t normally come across. Read more

Testing Your Golf Skills in Portugal

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There are some sports and pastimes which are highly enjoyable, and which allow participants to enjoy a pleasant hour or two of distraction. They can help to pass a little time with friends and like-minded individuals, and of course they may incur a little light-hearted banter along the way. There is one sport, however, which above all others can induce an almost obsessive passion in players of all ages and from all walks of life. Read more

How To Avoid Getting Stranded Without Travel Money Overseas

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Whether you are going on a short weekend trip, a fortnight in the sun or are planning on an extended break to see more of the world, making sure you have enough cash to keep you going whilst you are away is essential. Read more

Five Of the Finest Regions In England

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England is part of a relatively small country – there are well over 70 nations that are larger than the UK – yet its influence on the world has been huge. Any visitor who is fortunate enough to travel to England in the coming year will be able to gaze in awe at an astonishing collection of breath-taking landmarks, spectacular natural landscapes and of course historic buildings. Here are five of the finest regions that England has to offer. Read more

Edinburgh – One Of The Most Beautiful Cities In The World

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Edinburgh is a fantastic place to visit and one of Europe’s most historic and picturesque cities. Suitable for short breaks and longer holidays alike it will be sure to delight all age ranges and types of groups Read more

Historical Trails Around the South of France

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One of the principal attractions for visitors to the South of France is the great history that was made in the region and the way it continues to shape the landscape and architecture.

Having seen the country through territorial disputes, civil war and events of great importance to the country’s heritage, the South of France bears many of the fruits of great progress in the form of castles and towns built up from medieval times. It also has its fair share of battlefields that scar the countryside and continue to be a tribute to the dead sons of this area.

Take a browse through some of our suggestions and get inspired to hit the historical trail around the South of France.

Medieval armies through Lot-et-Garonne

Around the region known as the Pays Angenais in the south of the Lot-et-Garonne you will find a little collection of villages and small towns with their roots in medieval times that would have seen the progress of the armies of Charlemagne, King of the Franks. During his rule in the 8th century, his conquering armies forged out through the south of France to central Europe where he considerably expanded his kingdom throughout the course of his reign. Read more

Five of the Most Enchanting Cities in Spain

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Spain is home to some of the most enchanting cities in the world.  The country’s rich history and lively culture make it one of the most visited countries in Europe.   Read more

Things to Do in York

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Things to Do in York

The city of York, located in the county of Yorkshire, England is a beautiful ancient cathedral city which has a history dating back to before Roman Times. It’s no wonder this city is ranked as the second most visited city in England after London, as it is home to some of the most well preserved historical structures in Europe.

There is a lot to explore in York and it is easy to fill a day trip, a weekend or a week’s visit with exploration of this historical city. Here are some of the main attractions that you should not miss:

York Minster

York Minister cathedral in YorkHave you ever seen a cathedral so breath-taking? This enormous Gothic cathedral is the largest in Northern Europe and simply standing before the stained glass windows which are several stories high will fill you with awe.

Make sure that you make the journey up to the top of the cathedral so that you can enjoy the view of the city. The spiral staircase to the stop is a bit nerve wracking, but the vista is worth it.

JORVIK Viking Centre

Have you ever wondered what life was like back in the time of the Vikings? Here you can walk through reconstructed Viking-Age streets and imagine yourself 1000 years ago. This visitor attraction is one of the most popular in the UK and has welcomed over 16 million visitors since it was created in 1984.

York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum

Take a step back in time and visit this award winning museum. Here you will have a chance to walk down a Victorian Street and an Edwardian Street as well as see what clothing and toys looked like through the ages. The museum was built on the site of a former prison so you will also be able to go down into the old cells, if you dare!

Walk the City Walls

Some of the best overall views of the city can be seen when walking along its old medieval walls. Walking all around the entire walls of the city will take an hour, but there is a shorter section from Monk Bar to Bootham Bar which only takes 15 minutes if you are short on time.

After all of this exploring, it’s about time to settle into a warm and welcoming local pub and treat yourself to a nice cold pint of lager or a warm meal while you talk about all of the adventures of the day. 

York is a beautiful English city with many excellent remains of its fascinating history to explore, so make sure you include it on your trip when you plan a holiday with

A Guide to Spending 48 hours in London

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With the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games, London has once again reminded us what the city has to offer. From medieval kings, queens, to the formation of democracy, London has experienced a long history, which further highlights the attraction of the city itself.

To have 48 hours to visit London, there are several options to make the best out of it. In order to save money and time, the British government imposed a new privilege card – the London Pass, which provides a free pass to 55 of the top tourist attractions, museums, sights and tours in London with an additional 10 percent discount. The card also allows skipping of queues, saving both time and energy and frustration. To put tourists’ minds at ease, the card includes insurance, just in case the card is stolen, lost or broken.  Although they do charge a little for the services, but for those who yearn for the extra protection, this is the best way to travel safely and on a reasonable budget. The website for the pass designed an application filled with the top attractions, tours and dining areas. One of the privileges of having the card is getting discounts in selected restaurants in London. Free wines, ice creams, up to 50 percent discounts are available in fine dining areas such as Azzurro, Little Sicily etc.

London Tower Bridge Olympics 2012
As the children’s rhyme goes, ‘London bridge is falling down…’, no one can complete their visit in London without visiting the famous London Bridge. Another bridge with almost as widespread reputation is the Tower Bridge. Named after the London Tower, this bridge consists of hydraulic systems that enable the lifting of sections between the bridge to allow ships to cross. Recently, in conjunction of the Olympic games, the bridge is decorated with lights that illuminates the night beautifully as well as a set of suspended Olympic rings. To complete the Tower Tour, one must visit the Windsor Castle. Nick-named the round tower, Windsor castle houses the royal family and boasts a history of a thousand years. The castle is busiest during the morning, so tourists are advised to arrive at about 11.30 to start touring around the State Apartments, Drawings gallery, Queen Mary’s Doll House and St George’s Chapel.

Westminster Abbey - image by Jim Liston on
Other than bridges, London is filled with gothic churches that is sure to satisfy any renaissance fanatics. One of the most famous churches of all, the Westminster Abbey, is known for the ceremonies that united so many generations of the royal family of Britain. Princes Diana and Prince Charles, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton took their vows in the sacred altar of the Abbey. Another impressive church is the St Paul’s Cathedral, where the dome rests 111 meters above London. From the crypt to the golden gallery, the cathedral has much to offer. Every Sunday, the cathedral also organizes different art, music and cultural performances.

To fully visit London in 2 days is not an impossible task, you just need to plan carefully to avoid wasting time and missing out on the delights of the city. With the privilege London Pass, one can dine, visit, and explore the nooks and crooks to make it a memorable trip.

Mike Lewiss writes for He shares his passion about travelling and making the most of your stay in London.