Fourth Wall Friday

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Keeping Melanie’s Clothes On
Invasion of Privacy on Fourth Wall Friday

I have to admit, while writing Invasion of Privacy I’ve developed quite an intense crush for Melanie, one of the main characters. Besides being a skilled computer programmer, she has an adult webcam chat site she runs from home. Thinking about her sitting in front of her computer naked while talking to men has kept me up many nights. The opportunity to actually meet her face-to-face is exciting and intimidating at the same time. Melanie has a way with men and is able to get them to do pretty much anything she wants. I’m determined to keep my infatuation under control so I don’t make a fool of myself. We’ll see how that goes. Read more

Book Descriptions

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Writing Powerful Book Descriptions

books_promotion_postAmazon says, “Your book descriptions are what customers see as they shop the Kindle store. Think of it like the inside flap of a hardcover book. The book descriptions are a reader’s first experience with the content of your book. A well-written description assures readers that the book itself is of similar quality.” Read more

Leaving a Book Review on Amazon

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Book Reviews Help Everyone

But why do only a few people leave them? When you’re trying to decide if that new book you’ve seen on Amazon is something you’d like to read, what’s something that helps you decide? The book reviews, right?
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