Stephen King – The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen King’s latest addition to the Dark Tower series is a must read for anyone who has followed the tale. According to Stephen King, the Wind Through the Keyhole would be book 4.5 because it fits between book 4, after the tet escapes the Green Palace at the end of Wizard and Glass, and book 5, before they reach Calla Bryn Sturgis, the setting for Wolves of the Calla. New readers will enjoy it too, and will probably end up starting on the series with the first book, The Gunslinger.

The Wind Through the Keyhole was an old childhood story of Roland’s from the Magic Tales of the Eld. It is about a Starkblast, which is a storm that comes out of nowhere with temperatures dropping way below freezing in less than an hour. Lakes freeze instantly, birds turn to ice-statues and fall from the sky, breaking like glass. Winds with gale force rip fullly grown trees by their roots and toss them around like toys.

Finding shelter from a Starkblast, Roland tells Jake, Eddie, and Susannah a story. In a time when Roland was a young gunslinger, just after the tragic death of his mother, his father sends him and his tet-mate Jamie DeCurry to Debariato to investigate strange reports of unexplained deaths. The rumor is that the skin-man is able to change his shape and that he is committing horrific acts of murder.

A small boy, Tim, whose father is killed by the skin man, is the only survivor and, Roland hopes, will be able to identify him. While keeping the boy safe in a jail cell, Roland tries to calm him by telling him a story that his mother used to tell him, the Wind Through the Keyhole.

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