Short Stories

Short Stories by Jim

This is a collection of short stories, meant to entertain, and offer a brief moment of escape from the present.  I hope that you enjoy them.

April 22
Invasion Of Privacy – by Jim

Invasion of Privacy by Jim Liston

March 16

The Doctor’s Flea Circus – Story and image by Jim

The Doctor's Flea Circus

March 3
A Novel Murder – Story and image by Jim

Novel Murder by Jim

Leisurely Lesula by Black Eyed Jack

The Altered Clown

image by Black Eyed Jack

The Human Hunter

Diane’s Dream

Remember Me

The Tourists Attraction

Her Next Victim

by Jim

The Line

by Jim


by Jim

The Show

by Jim

Zek the Vrek

By Jim Liston

Traveling Faster Than Light

by Jim

The Robot

by Jim

The Mountain

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim Liston

Reaching out, Seth grabbed a hanging vine and pulled himself up to a ledge, where he could rest for a minute and decide what his next move would be.  Looking down the mountain, he was amazed at how far he had come…[Read More]

Timmy’s Time Thwarter

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim Liston

 Timmy’s experiments were always getting him in trouble.  The first time was a trial to determine the distance and speed that an object would travel when thrown from a moving car.. [Read More]

The Clown

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim

Randy first noticed the clown when he looked out his window and saw him standing under the street light in front of his house, leaning against the pole.  He was talking on his cell phone, laughing and pointing at Randy…[Read More]

Trail of Dimes

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim Liston

When he saw the first dime lying on the ground, he reached down and picked it up without even thinking about it.  Then he noticed another one about four feet away, so he walked over and picked that one up, too.  That’s when he first realized that there was a trail of dimes, leading across the parking lot…[Read More]

The Prey

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim

The injured prey crept quietly away and hid in the tall grass, waiting to see what his attacker’s next move would be.  Unable to move very quickly, its main hope for survival was waiting, and hopefully avoiding detection…[Read More]

Don’t Look In the Little Green Satchel

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim Liston

She didn’t understand why, but when the short, balding, slightly hunched man approached her with a mysterious gleam in his eye, she nearly fainted.  As she stumbled, he quickly grabbed her arm to steady her, and she felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body.  She began to sweat and felt a chill run through her as she watched him slowly pull a little green satchel out of his coat.  Holding the green satchel in front of her eyes he said, “Follow me.”  She couldn’t take her eyes off the satchel, it seemed to glow!  She had to know what was in it! [Read More]

What a Wild Dream!

From the collection of Short Stories by Jim

Man, what a wild dream I had last night!  I was the President of the United States, and I was in a meeting with my advisers, members of my cabinet, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and everyone was asking me questions…[Read More]


The Rumor


From the collection of Short Stories by Jim Liston

It was an ordinary morning for Winston F. Harlow and he smiled as he went performed his normal routine.  There was a small article in the local paper about a man winning the lottery, Winton E. Barlow, a name very similar to his.  It made him smile even more and he wondered if the rumor had started yet…[Read More]

Storm Maker

by Jim Liston

Tonight was his last performance.  The high council didn’t like the storm makers to become very popular with the public.  Drantonian was ready for the end, he had expected it to come much sooner. ..[read more]

Seldom in life do we get a second chance.  So, when Sam got a phone call from an ex-girlfriend that had dumped him 3 years ago and wanted to get a drink, he accepted.  What did he have to lose?..[read more]

Second Chance

Second Chance 2

Second Chance 3

Second Chance 4

Second Chance 5

Second Chance 6

Second Chance 7

Second Chance 8

Second Chance 9

Second Chance

Second Chance

Second Chance

Second Chance 13

Last Day Dreams

by Gregory Stevens

Abe was a fine specimen of manhood, especially for the time he lived.  He worked hard of course but always, always had the dream of aspiring to do more with his life.  But it seemed lately all of his dreams were being interrupted and disturbed by voices or echoes or something in his head…[read more]

Do You Smell That? 

by Jim Liston

The smell was getting much stronger now.  He had to be close.  Any minute now and he would see it.  How long has he been following it, trying to find the source of the smell? He had to find where it was coming from..[read more]

The Computer That Wanted Life

 by Jim Liston

Laurie was always online.  She was always blogging, paying her bills, sending emails, posting on Face Book, shopping, and on and on.  She had to find a way to save time online by having all those mundane things taken care of. ..[read more]

 August 7, 2012 
by Jim Liston on

If You Would Have Had a Cell Phone

I’m not going to write about how things were “when I was a kid.” Instead, I want you to think about how different your childhood would have been with the technology that we have now…(read more