5 Tips For Publishing Your eBook

OK, so you’re ready to publish your eBook. You’ve checked it for grammatical and spelling errors and had it looked at by a professional editor, right? Please say yes. I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure your masterpiece is perfect and ready for the world to see, before having it published.

Having someone looking at your work doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find editors on the internet with very reasonable rates. I’ve used Sarah Barbour and was very satisfied with her service. Take a look at her definitions of her services and what she charges on her website: AeroplaneMedia.

Here are my 5 Tips for Publishing your eBook

  1. Should I Make My Own Cover?
    If you have some graphic design experience and image editing software, it’s possible to make your own cover. If not, you can find someone online to do it for a reasonable cost. Check out the graphic designers on Fiverr.com for a start.
  2. Where Should I Publish My eBook?
    I recommend using Amazon’s KDP Select for the required 90 days then also publishing your book on Smashwords to have it distributed to the other retailers.
  3. What Format Does It Need To Be?
    Amazon requires your eBook to be in the .mobi format. Apple, Sony, and Barnes & Noble, use the .epub format. SmashWords accepts Word documents that are formatted to their requirements and will use its “Meat Grinder” to reformat the eBook for the various retailers. If you want to have your book available on your website, the .pdf format is great for having your eBook read online.
  4. Do I Need An ISBN?
    An ISBN is a unique number that identifies your book. Many eBook retailers require an ISBN number in order for them to stock your eBook on their digital shelves. SmashWords and other retailers offer a free ISBN if you publish with them.  An ISBN is not required to publish content with Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon will provide you with a free ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). To purchase your own ISBN visit Bowker Identifier Services.
  5. Promoting Your eBook
    Once you’ve submitted your book to the various retailers, your work is done, right? Wrong! Now the fun really starts. This is where all of your social media work pays off, using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Empire Avenue, and Google+.

    JimsGotWeb offers promotion and marketing help to indie-authors.  From editing your book to make sure it doesn’t have spelling and grammatical errors, to helping you promote your “Free Days” and “Countdown” promotion, we can help!

    Here is a list of promotion and marketing services we offer:

    • Kindle “Free Days” and “Countdown” Promotion Help:
      I’ll help you with your Amazon promotion by submitting all of the necessary information to promotion websites and Facebook groups; including your book’s link, cover, description, dates of promotion, promotion price, and your author bio.
    • Write a powerful description:
      I will read your book and write a powerful description, with HTML included.
    • Request book reviews:
      I will contact reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads to get more reviews for your book.
    • Keyword Research:
      After reading your book, I’ll check keywords on Google and Amazon to find keywords that will bring a large amount of traffic to your book.
    • Choose Categories:
      After reading your book, I will choose appropriate categories so you’re book can rank in the top 100.
    • Manuscript Editing:
      One of the biggest complaints from readers leaving negative reviews is misspelling, incorrect grammar, and improper word usage. Let me proofread your book to make sure there aren’t any problems.
    • Book Cover Creation:
      Readers do judge a book by its cover, it’s the first thing they see. I have illustrators that can make you a new cover, if needed, or they will help improve your current cover to make sure it looks professional.
    • Social Media:
      If you need help setting up a Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts, I can do that for you and help you get “Likes” and “Followers” to your account.
    • Author Website Creation:
      I’ll set up a professional looking WordPress website that’s easy to maintain, so you can easily communicate with your readers.
    • eBook Conversion:
      I can convert your Word document into PDF, .mobi and .epub formats for all reading devices. This is great for sending out free review copies to readers.

    If you have promotion and marketing needs, let JimsGotWeb help.


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14 Responses to 5 Tips For Publishing Your eBook

  1. Roving Jay

    I just published my first ebook – and it was a lot easier than I thought. Actually the tough part is when you’ve published it, and the support that’s needed to continually promote it.
    Roving Jay recently posted…Bodrum Itinerary Inspiration: Home PageMy Profile

  2. George J.

    Great step by step checklist. I have published a few ebooks unofficially so they never made it on to Amazon or any of the bigger sites but I am thinking I should maybe get them up to snuff and publish them on there 🙂
    George J. recently posted…Do You Own a Kindle?My Profile

  3. JimsGotWeb

    Hi George,
    You should publish them on Amazon, it’s not very difficult and it’s free. I’ve just published my first eBook, a collection of short stories. I’ll have to update the 5 steps posted here, since I did it a little differently, we’ll see how it works out.
    Thanks for taking the time to say hi. I’ll swing by “buzz-ebook.com” and take a look.
    JimsGotWeb recently posted…Invasion of PrivacyMy Profile

  4. Robin

    I have been dreaming of publishing my own e-book since forever. I have a short story in the works that I want to publish. Maybe this is the best time to do so. Thanks for these tips, Jim. Brilliant as always!

    • JimsGotWeb

      Hi Robin. If you decide to publish I’d suggest you read the free “Smashwords Style Guide” and “Smashwords Book Marketing Guide,” both free on Amazon.
      Good Luck!
      JimsGotWeb recently posted…Leaving a Book Review on AmazonMy Profile

  5. Donald Quixote

    Thanks for the great tips Jim. I’m currently in the process of writing a book and was unsure about how to publish it. With your advice it looks like I’ll be on my way to publishing my first book soon!

  6. Justin Marquet

    “Amazon requires your eBook to be in the .mobi format. Apple, Sony, and Barnes & Noble, use the .epub format.” Had I known this when I first published I would have saved myself a lot of time and effort.

    This is a very useful article, please read it over again and save yourself the headache later.
    Justin Marquet recently posted…Choosing the Right literary AgentMy Profile

  7. Edwards Brothers Malloy

    Great tips Jim. Authors definitely have to give promotion some serious thought. Usually when they finish a manuscript and get it published it can seem like the end of a long race when it’s really just heating up. There is so much more work to do to get a title noticed in a world full of newly-minted authors. Great guidance here!

  8. Tommy Landry

    Fantastic information Jim, very thorough. Would you change any of your advice if this post were written today? For example, do we still need the mobi format to publish to Amazon? Is that the same as Kindle?

    We have started an ebook publishing company and are learning all the ins and outs of the industry. A friend of mine is also authoring ebooks and aiming to push hers all to Amazon. Ours will be a combo of ecommerce (on our own site) and later Amazon, so it was very timely for me to stumble upon this excellent post. Cheers.

  9. Randolph Hoover

    Publishing your first book can be a good option nowadays for your first try, the only main risk here is you can’t get the same level of gratification compared to selling hardcopies of it.

  10. ebooks2go

    Hey jim, Your tips for publishing eBook is really awesome and exceptional one it could be handy for many authors and self publishers!! Thanks for sharing. Like it.

  11. Gene J. Horton

    Great golden nuggets regarding how to create our own e-book. This is such useful information and a complete guide.

  12. Arius Web Studio

    Hey Jim,
    Thanks for such relevant information. Yes publishing e-books have to be in perfect format.Will make sure to take your tips.


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