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5 of the most useful iPhone apps for College students

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Today’s college students have access to some of the best technology. While laptops have been commonplace for quite sometime, more and more students are using smartphones and tablets for entertainment. However, your iPhone may be able to help you be a better student. Whether you want an app to help you keep up with assignments or to help you study, you have several great iPhone apps to choose from. The following are just five of the most useful iPhone apps for college students.

myHomework app on the Apple storemyHomework
Those that have trouble keeping up with homework assignments and class schedules will love this app. Free to download, the app offers a homework organizer/student planner, homework widget, class schedule, and homework calendar. If you sign up for a paid account at the myHomework.com website, you can also receive reminders of upcoming assignments.

WolframAlpha iPhone app at the Apple storeWolframAlpha
This is a hugely extensive app that comes with an affordable price of $1.99. This app will help you in a number of different classes. Whether you’re taking calculus or geology, this app will come in useful. In fact, it’s like keeping a mathematician in your pocket.


iStudiez Pro iPhone app on the Apple storeiStudiez Pro
This is another great organizational app for college students. With the ability to track grades, review assignments, get notifications on upcoming assignments, and even plan study sessions, this app is a must. At a cost of only $0.99, you can’t afford to pass up this great app. Best of all, you can even back up your information so that if something happens to your phone, the information will still be available.

inClass iPhone app at the Apple storeinClass
If you want the ability to record class lectures, scan handouts, or even take notes, this free app is a must. You can even share your student materials with other students through Facebook and iTunes.


iProcrastinate iPhone app at the Apple storeiProcrastinate
Last, but not least, many college students are known for procrastinating. With this great app, you’ll be able to break large assignments into smaller tasks so that you’re less likely to put off that large project until the last minute. This is also a great app to use to split up assignments with a large group. If you want to stay ahead of the game, instead of pulling another all-nighter, this is definitely the app for you. With a cost of only $0.99, how could you pass it up?

Not only do you have access to some of the greatest technology, you can also have access to some of the greatest apps. Whether you need help breaking down large projects or want to record lectures, there’s an app for that. Best of all though, many of these apps are free.

About the Author: Moises Vennes is a content developer who enjoys creating iPhone apps and Android apps. He is also expanding his portfolio and has begun developing his own restaurant pos system for his family business.

Iphone apps that I use

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IPhone App Review

iPhone app review of some of the apps that I have used. The images of each link to the Apple store.

Weather Bug AppWeather Bug

I love weather iPhone apps and this one gives current conditions for your local area including wind speed and direction, dew point, humidity, and UV level. Also shows webcam shots of neighborhood-level network of stations.

I-phone app My Radar

Shows current, animated weather radar around your current location. Additional options include weather warnings and alerts to warn you of severe weather in your area.

Night Sky

If you want to identify the stars, planets, and satellites you can see above, then this is the app for you.  Just stand anywhere and hold your iPhone up to the sky and it will display the names of the stars, planets and other objects you are able to see. It even works if it’s cloudy or during the day.

Mandolin Companion

Besides being a handy tuner it has a huge list of chord charts, with multiple positions for each chord. It also show the fingering for all the scales.

I-Bird Pro

This is an amazing app! If you’re interested in birds, identifying their calls, what they eat, and where they nest, then this is the app for you. I won’t even go into all of the features of this app, you just have to check it out.

Apps Gone FreeApps Gone Free

This app provides you with a list of about 5-10 free iPhone apps each day, along with a couple of sentences about them. Some of the apps are only free for a limited time so it’s a chance to get a great deal.