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I have been an auto glass installer for 35 years and have seen a lot of changes in the auto glass and the insurance industries over the years.

Gone are the days of someone with basic mechanical skills being able to install a windshield under the shade tree in their backyard. Auto glass installations in vehicles during the 70s were done with butyl tape kits or rubber gaskets.

Today, installers use urethane and primers that are manufactured and tested to meet federal and industry standards.

Years ago, the main function of the windshield was to keep the wind and bugs out of your face. Today’s windshields are an integral part of the safety restraint system in your car. The passenger air bag uses the glass as a back support during deployment, the timing down to milliseconds. If you have had an improper installation of your windshield it is possible that the air bag will not deploy at the correct time. This could lead to serious injury, or death! The windshield also supports the roof of your vehicle in case of a rollover, keeping you from being crushed!

I talk to customers everyday that are shopping around to get the lowest price for their new windshield. Some of the reasons they give me are, “I don’t want my insurance rates to go up so I want it done as cheaply as possible,” or “my insurance company told me to get 3 estimates and have it done at the cheapest place.”  My question to them is, “aren’t you concerned about the safety of the passengers in your car?” Of course, they say they are concerned, so I explain to them that by having their auto glass replaced by the cheapest shop, they may be jeopardizing not only the value of their vehicle, but also the integrity of it’s safety system.

Over the years I have seen the damage done by auto glass installers that are in a hurry to finish a job and move on to the next one. In my next post, I will list the steps that are taken during an auto glass installation and talk about what steps may be skipped by the “cheaper” shops and how it can affect you.

Have you had a windshield replaced? Did you have any difficulties? Please feel free to post any questions or comments.

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  2. Doron

    This is so true, Thanks for this post

  3. JimsGotWeb

    Thanks for stopping by Doron.
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  4. Olivia

    I think you are professional.You will contribute a lot to the safety of passengers and drivers. Yet do you know one type of glass named coated glass?

  5. Jeff

    Just curious, why the move to a wordpress web address

    • JimsGotWeb

      Hi Jeff,
      I moved my autoglass blog to a address to keep it separate from this one, and my other blog, I plan on having it on it’s own domain eventually, but for now I’m using because it’s free.
      Thanks for stopping by,
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      • David

        It is a good idea to move into wordpress as it free and easy to use. But never forget to keep backup data of your blog. As you do not own the blog, wordpress have got the full right to remove your blog without any further notice. Move with your own domain and hosting asap.
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  6. Jesse C

    People are always looking for the cheapest price and that really kind of irks me. When you are repairing your car or installing a new windshield you really have to think about the safety of yourself and your family. You simply have to go with quality.

    Auto glass installation should be at the top of people’s list for having the job done right…not cheap!
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  7. Neha

    hi jim, i really like this post about auto glass, Thanks for this post
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  8. Nikunj

    hi Jim, i got your site from google and i really like your writing about autoglass on your site.
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  9. Used Car Software

    People are always looking for the cheapest price and that really kind of irks me. When you are repairing your car or installing a new windshield you really have to think about the safety of yourself and your family. You simply have to go with quality.

    Auto glass installation should be at the top of people’s list for having the job done right…not cheap!

  10. Hanaye

    Hi Jim, this is awesome post. I really liked your advices about the safety of lives. No doubt safety is more important than savings.

    regards : hanaye

  11. Donald Quixote

    Great post, safety definitely trumps the fast easy way any day.
    Donald Quixote recently posted…3 Secrets to Improve your Study HabitsMy Profile

  12. Donald Quixote

    Honestly, I am not terribly worried about my safety when it comes to the windshield. My biggest concern with the quality of work on the repair is how long the windshield is going to last. Cheap work will often result in needing a repair soon again.

    • JimsGotWeb

      I can’t tell you how often people come to me with problems after having their windshield replaced. The problem is if it’s done incorrectly, you could be looking at a major rust problem soon. And that gets real expensive.
      JimsGotWeb recently posted…Byteful Travel Blog Carnival #20My Profile

  13. Bill Bowman

    Quite informative about the New Federal Standards on Windshields. I had no idea the the windshield was now providing support for the air bags. I remember installing a windshield for my 72 Nova’ and doing it out in front of my grandmother’s house.
    Auto Parts Blog

  14. Colorado Springs - Auto Glass Pro Shop

    There is a ton of competition out here in Colorado Springs for auto glass replacement. The biggest problem I face as a sales manager is convincing people that the lowest price isn’t usually the best deal. I drives me nuts when someone calls in about a windshield replacement and they are just shopping for the best price. They don’t realize how many shady installers are out there that won’t back up their workmanship. I get calls all the time asking if we fix air leaks and water leaks because someone had a windshield replaced and now they can’t get the original auto glass technician to come out and fix his shoddy work.

    • JimsGotWeb

      I have the same problem. Then when I try to fix the leaking windshield, I find out they are starting to have a rust problem because the installer didn’t use primer to cover the scratches on the pinchweld.
      JimsGotWeb recently posted…Book DescriptionsMy Profile

  15. JD

    I believe a driver should be really responsible for his safety and for the safety of everyone while he is the one that is in charge of driving. A new wind shield is important and it has to be installed properly. Thanks for this post. I’ll get a new one after getting vehicle wraps. I’m just so excited for this!
    JD recently posted…Be Wary Of Wrap ScamsMy Profile

  16. Auto Parts Manufacturers in India

    Thanks for this post and sharing with us because in this world, the population of cars are increasing day by day. Everyday we are watching many accidents and some minor accidents in which auto glass or car glass get damaged properly and for it we have to pay large amount of money. Some dealers take it lightly and the installation of glasses are not up to the mark. Thanks for this blog.

  17. Eric Dandurand

    Good post on auto glass repair. It’s so important to be safe when comes to you car.

  18. Andy

    Certainly wonderful blog Jim. I saw you have 35 years of experience as a auto glass installer and it’s quite long mate. I haven’t seen such a skilled and professional auto glass installer yet and you are the first one for now. So next time I will look forward to you for installing my auto glass for sure:)

  19. Graham

    I had NO IDEA that the windshield had anything to do with the passenger airbags. It really makes me think I ought to get the crack on that half of the windshield fixed! Is a crack enough damage to significantly alter airbag deployment?

  20. Fresno AutoBody

    Hey Jim,

    I like your ideas, with the years of your experience in installing auto glass I can say that you really know what’s the best thing we will do as a car owner. One thing, a driver should really ensure his safety and to his passenger. A lot of cars nowadays are prone to accidents.


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